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The American Seed Research Foundation is very pleased to announce that its very successful “Operation Student Connection” program will be extended.  This is great news for seed-related graduate students, and it is also a wonderful opportunity for seed companies!

This program is an attempt by ASRF and the seed industry to reach out for more direct contact with graduate students in seed related disciplines, including plant breeders, who will be future players in our industry.  It facilitates the inclusion of these students at our ASTA convention in June in Washington DC in a coordinated program of participation and mentoring. 

A donation of each $850 by your company will provide the means for one graduate student to participate in this important program.  Also, if you desire, a convention registrant from your company will have the opportunity to act as a mentor for the student throughout the convention.

We will try, as much as possible, to match students with companies based on areas of study.  Such contacts could lead to future employment or, at the very least, a mutually beneficial relationship.   

We ask you to respond by April 8, 2016 in order to complete all of the necessary arrangements.  You may contact me or contact Ann Jorss at the ASTA office at or phone 888-890-7333.













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