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Roger Krueger Memorial Scholarship


Students that have been selected to participate in the ASRF Operation Student Connection Program may have the opportunity to apply for the Roger Krueger Memorial Scholarship.

After notification of your selection, you will be contacted with a list of questions. Your answers will be vetted through a group of scientist that have known and worked with Roger. The winner of the $2,500 scholarship will be announced at the ASTA Annual Convention in June during the ASRF/FuSE reception.


Contribute to the Scholarship Endowment

Seeds are small things done with great love.
Honoring Roger Krueger
1953 – 2007

Seeds are small things. They are potential for change; their truest function is to adapt and grow, becoming something else, taking on different shapes and sizes, bringing color and nourishment into our lives and, ultimately, giving themselves up so we can use their goodness and potential to help us thrive.

Dr. Roger Krueger, from Monsanto Company, was just such a seed. His professional career was devoted to seeds, and he passionately advocated the role of science in feeding the world. He lived to make the world a better place, and to make agriculture more able to feed the world. Seeds are small things, but as Roger’s colleagues, friends and family all testify, this seed we knew as Roger Krueger was a small thing done with great love.

An endowment has been established by the American Seed Research Foundation, (ASRF) to honor and remember Roger. The interest from the permanent endowment will be used as scholarships to students in agriculture – the future of the seed industry. What better way to recognize Roger’s life, his work and his willingness to teach and mentor than by supporting the future of seeds? 

In 1959, the American Seed Trade Association established ASRF as a tax exempt, scientific, benevolent, and educational organization, to raise and distribute funds for seed research. From ASRF research grants there have been a large number of students who have completed Master's and Doctor's degrees while receiving financial support from ASRF. Following completion of advanced degree requirements, these young scientists have joined seed companies, or been appointed to the faculties at state and federal institutions. Their theses have been the basis of hundreds of research reports and papers.

To help us honor Roger Krueger, please consider a tax deductible gift to this endowment fund, to assist generations of students engaged in seed research.

Your entire contribution to the Roger Krueger Scholarship Endowment will be used for scholarships.

If you would like more information about the Endowment, please feel free to call Ann Jorss at the American Seed Research Foundation office 703-837-8140.


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